Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Intel 6-Series chipsets have design flaw, need to be replaced

The Intel 6-Series chipsets (Codename: Cougar Point) have a design flaw and will need to be recalled. According to Intel's Chipset Alert, The result of the problem can be degradation and total failure of the 3gbps SATA ports. The 6 gbps SATA ports are not affected as they have a separate controller. Intel has stopped shipment of the affected chipsets to motherboard manufacturers and has issued a recall of the sold ones.

This is estimated to affect projected revenue by $300 million, and the cost to repair and replace the chipsets is estimated to run up to $700 million.

Anandtech has a good explanation on the cause of the problem and what it means for the industry.

The 6-series chipsets are sold under the brand names H67 and P67, and used by Intel's latest processors, the Sandy Bridge CPUs (Core i5/i7 2xxx, and Pentium G6xx/G8xx).

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